Sun-kissed skin looks healthier, according to the beauty experts. It’s something that many women dream of having all year round. While some will go too far-away destinations to get their dream, others will be stuck with indoor tanning options. Tanning at YBL brings to you exclusively Bahrain’s first Vitamin D Solarium bed. When using any tanning bed always make sure to speak to a trained member of staff ensuring your skin type & sensitivity so you can achieve that long lasting glow. After one whole year of studying and researching, we are proud to bring to you one of the best and healthiest solarium beds. We have managed to find one of the most advanced and beneficial solarium bed that uses technology to help expose Vitamin D, instead of harmful UV rays. We pride ourselves in using top of the range equipment here at YBL, Making sure you get the tan you want in the safest way. As we know spending time in the sun can supply the body with vitamin D which is essential in helping to defend against things like depression & heart disease. However sometimes we just don’t have the time to spend in the sun & even if we did sometimes the heat here in Bahrain can be extremely over whelming, So whether you tan once or year or 10 times a month, we will provide you with an indoor tanning price and package to fit your needs & recommend how often you should use the Solarium beds to ensure overall satisfaction.

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